The Pink Apples Mistery

October 26, 2012

irana douerCredits: Irana Douer

The pink apples are strange, arcaic fruits for ever grown in central Italy, in the wildlife reserve of the Monti Sibillini. They are small, uneven and slightly squat, with a very short petiole. The colour is greenish, with shades of pink and purple red. The pulp is sourish and sweety, the scent is intense and flavoured.

They have almost disappeared from the Italian tables…. just a few very old trees have survived in Le Marche countryside… but recently Slow Food has highlighted their nutritional qualities and fostered the implantation of young trees of this archaeological variety of apples, which perfectly maintain freshness from fall to spring without chemicals or refrigeration…  They just need a quiet bed of straw, where to lay down during the cold season.

The Pink Apples save a mystery anyway…. that nobody has managed to solve, until now. They produce fruits every two year with no apparent scientific reason…  It happens also if you plant them in sequence year after year: in all cases, independently from the tree birthday, the pink fruits appear on the branches all together and only when the year is even…and this is the right one … 2012!

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